Ugears Stem Lab

The stem lab kits available from Ugears are not just entertaining, they're educational as well. We use the latest in STEM research and implement it into our simulators, which help kids of all ages learn how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics all come together to create certain mechanisms. As part of our approach, we use a hands-on, skills-based technique that does not require the use of additional tools or adhesives. You will receive everything you will need to complete your project as part of the kit. It is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Stem Lab system models are made using wood that is of the highest quality and comes with detailed instructions on exactly how to construct them. There will be no need for glue or cutting, and the mechanisms will work and rotate like actual machines once they are done. Nextra stocks the following Ugears Stem Labs:

- Differential – Our Differential model is another example of the complex mechanisms in cars using drive gears, wheel, side gears, locking clutches, and locking levers. This mechanism demonstrates how a car's actual electric motor works as it is a fully functional model.
- Gearbox – Ugears Stem Lab Gearbox is a beautiful mechanism that features a large number of mechanical gears which work together in harmony. This model is modelled on a real gearbox, which is typically used in the automobile industry, and it gives you an idea of how it works.
- Counter – It will take two hours to assemble the Ugears Counter, which consists of 157 parts, but it is full of wonders and entertainment. This type of mechanism is widely used in the real world at checkpoints, production lines, and in order to determine sports scores.

This product is perfect for both teachers and students, and even for someone looking to have a little fun. We recommend Stem Labs by Ugears to all of our customers, regardless of their needs. When you create these with someone you love, you will cultivate your relationship as well as experiencing that satisfying feeling of building something from your own two hands.

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