Nextra is all about bringing generations together and getting the most out of every moment. That’s why we stock the Ugears games range. We have created a variety of 3D game accessories and organisers that can be used to give kids and adults an opportunity to take part in a fun mental and physical exercise while encouraging creativity. All of our kits are made out of all-natural wood materials and require no glue or special tools to assemble them. It is possible to create motion with a 3D model kit without the need for batteries or any other external power source.

The Ugears Games Dice Keepers are an excellent way to organize your dice and keep them in a clean and organized manner with our high-quality Dice Keeper. In order to store your dice properly and securely, you can open multiple areas within the container after you have put together all the gears and pieces.

A new level of gaming has been reached with the Ugears Games Card Holder. A mechanical gear inside this box allows it to transform into a staircase rack that can hold twelve stacks of cards, adding up to 400 cards. In addition to the fact that it is functional, it is also beautiful and only takes about an hour to assemble.

Ugears Games Range simplifies organization and can give you more time to focus on both the game at hand and the relationships you are cultivating while you play it. Change the way you play and take your board game experience to the next level.

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